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Dekunu DZ Survival Kit

size: 7.00 W × 12.00 H × 5.00 L
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This kit provides the essential items you will need for a weekend of jumping, debriefing and general shenanigans at the DZ with your Dekunu One.

Charging cable been "borrowed" from the communal charging area? No stress, here's an extra. Lens, sunnies, goggles or screen need a quick wipedown? The Dekunu Microfiber cloth has you covered. Keep your keys on the lanyard so they don't grow legs and walk away, and wear the earplugs in the plane - or to block out your bunkhouse neighbour's snoring. There's even a condom for safety in after-jumping activities ;)
Kit contents:
  • Long-nosed Micro USB charging cable for Dekunu One
  • Dekunu Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth
  • Dekunu Fly Safer Lanyard
  • Dekunu Earplugs and Canister 
  • 2 x Dekunu Condoms

NOTE: Sunglasses pictured NOT included


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